My First Paragliding, Bukit Paralayang Puncak Bogor

UP!! UP!!.. 

Finally I tried paragliding! It’s super FUN! It is a must if you’re #YOLO hashtag hahaha.. But it is. 

My sister had set a deal for 3 of us (with me & brother) to join her mission. Whatever is that, we just said yes. We’re fly due Ramadhan holiday which is the time we can have a family holiday too in Puncak, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. 

>>>> VIDEO <<<

My version street direction : 
- Drive until you passed the famous Atta’awun / Attawun Mosque 
- After the mosque, take a look at the right side [the advertising banner is too small] 
- See the pictures below or you better save them, just in case you don’t want missed the point to turn your vehicle. 

After parking your vehicle, you should take stairs to reach the fly point. On the left side you will see kiosk selling food, water, grilled corn, Pop Mie etc. Pretty much the customer are Middle East and Jakartans. Most of the crew have Arab language skills very well. 

Not just a customer and family & friends who’s watching, You will see other do a paragliding practice. I saw a father leading his young son. 

After you reach up there, sign yourself in waiting area [left side]. If you did a deposit [down payment] to your instructor [in my story is to Mr. Anwar bank account], don’t forget bring the transfer slip. 

You will have to fill and sign a paper. That kind of paper if something happen to you up there and when you’re landing down there. After that, you’ll have to queue or wait the instructor. Prepare yourself and camera. If you bring monopod, please be careful.. you don’t want to drop your phone or camera at someone rooftop. 

Me, I am so damn PASRAH when my brother and sister point at me as the first ‘victim’ hahahaha... when Mr. Anwar arrive, an assistant put the safety equipment to me. He’s just said ‘Don’t sit. You just have to run until not reach the ground. You’ll sit naturally’. 

UP THERE, Whooooosaaahhhh!!!
Mr. Anwar with happy and enthusiasm told me to relax and turn on my camera hahaha.. I did a little bit chitchat with him, in a day he can do a 10 flights or more if the weather is good and many customer still queue. 

I did buy a monopod for this event but cancel to use it, I’m afraid something happen like drop it maybe >_<’ 

♥ Just enjoy the view 

DOWN THERE, You will landing with a sit position. And there’re few kid run to you to put off the equipment and pack it back to the bag. I choose to take Ojek [scooter/motorbike] so I can back to Bukit Paralayang a.s.a.p, prepare yourself a money in your pocket. If you want free ride you should take Angkot [car] with other Paragliding but you should wait for it. 

BACK AGAIN.. Tell your experience when you’re flying, How is it feel, show them the pictures. Buy a water bottle to keep dehydration away from you. I ‘eat’ to much air up there hahaha.. It makes me thirsty and hungry. Ugh.. and the cilok not very good but everything is tasty when I'm hungry.. do you feel the same like I do? ;p 

Also the Certificate is free, you just have to request it if you need or want it.
 The sign actually fake, not Mr. Anwar himself because he’s busy,,well.. flying of course. 

Check their web :

Fly Indonesia | Paragliding-Indonesia

JL Raya Puncak, KM 87, Bukit Paralayang, Puncak, 16750, Indonesia
+62 21 87952963

Contact Person : Mr. Anwar +62 818 100154 [We’re flying with him, he’s nice & talkable to make us more relax up there]

Prepare your money for..
Entrance ticket
           - Car              Rp. 5000,-
           - Dewasa        Rp. 8000,- 

Parking Tips Rp. 2000,- / Rp. 5000,-
Toilet Rp. 2000,-

Paragliding Rp. 350.000,- [you pay after you fly]

Ojek Rp. 30.000,- [bring it in your pocket] from landing area back to Bukit Paralayang

Water AQUA Rp. 5.000,-/btl
Snack Cilok Rp. 5.000,- [just in case you’re hungry after flying]

Thanks to My Brother & Sister for the photos