Beta Ambon Manise

Sooo... I got 6 days of leave and don’t know what to do. Until one day my Dad got a called from his brother, his brother-in-law just passed away that morning. My parents flew to Ambon that night and straight to catch a morning speedboat to Saparua Island. And in the next couple days I decide to follow them after work. Note : I just carried one backpack.


First landing is to Pattimura International Airport, Ambon. This time I tried new airline from Lion Group, Batik Air. My flight is at 00.30 WIB and reach Ambon 05.50 WIT even though I’m so sleepy but my experience with Batik Air was so great. The plane is new, wide seat, nice food, nice movie options, smooth flight.

My longtime-no-see auntie and uncle and another uncle from my cousin come to pick me up from the airport and straight to catch a boat to Saparua Island. My Mom told me that people are worried about me coming here alone hehehe..

left : night flight after work --- right : in morning boat
inside the boat

Route: DAMRI Thamrin City – Soekarno-Hatta CGK airport – Pattimura Airport – Tulehu – Haria, Saparua – Auntie’s house [time different is 2 hours]

HAPPYYYYY!!! I’m so happy, I got a chance to meet them all.. ahhh...

Can you imagine, even though my cousin studying in Yogyakarta which is in Java but I meet him in Ambon hahaha... His name is same like my brother. When I arrive in Pelabuhan Haria Saparua, my dad, uncle, my cousins Alva and Mey picked me up hahaha.. Oh there’s a france tourist that want to go dive. So sad how i saw a local treat foreigner tourist when he ask how much the ojek cost and the ojek give him 5x more expensive..wooh..

After few hours chit chat and lunch. Counsins took me around the island nearby. We went to the Duurstede Fort and the beach. I’m feeling great and ditch the tired feeling that kind of 3 hours of flight, 1 hour of drive, 2 hours waiting, 1 hour on the boat..hell yeah!

We’re staying in Mustamu’s house [thanks Pap Berty & Mam Itje, Alva and Eta] for having us hehehe..

Last time I visit Saparua, Ambon is....hmm..between 2006-2007.duh! i forgot! Today I rewind some memories like washing clothes in forest, cooking with woods, watching my cousin using axe for splitting woods [’s a surviving skill!] All the natural thing, me love it. Even the Java lady who sell bakso in local market and the bakso taste is still the same hahaha.. I wonder if the government really care to improve tourism in this island and many other beautiful islands around Ambon.

It is 2015, my phone provider still not exist in Saparua or they just don’t build in small island like this. The only signal reception they have is from Telkomsel and Mentari. It’s me and 3 days with no signal at all. In this island itself there’re a progress, the street is smooth, no need to take and carry gallon of water from springs to home.

I didn’t do much in Ambon, just catching up with family. I’m in the shocking point where my cousins are bigger and taller than me’s so awesome, they’re growing too fast. And the cute Alvaro, cute niece.

mom, uncle, cousins
natural water source for people. This one is for washing clothes. There's water well in front of me too.

I went to my grandparent graveyard. Also to my grandma grave too. My grandparent family name is Hehanusa Lewakabessy. My grandma family names is Limaheluw. My dad is Sahusilawane. Why is he different one? It's a long..longggg story.

After Saparua, we're back to Ambon city with morning boat with the big family. Few of them stay in Ambon too. My route now is from Haria port to Tulehu port.Ticket price IDR 50.000,-/pax. It's nice boat. One thing when you get on this boat, local people still not sit according to seat number. Be patient and look for empty seat.

Pelabuhan Haria, Saparua
FAMILY selfieeee.. ^_^
Pelabuhan Tulehu, Ambon
In Ambon, we’re visiting a hot spring water at night around 9pm. Whoaaa..I don’t expect the crowd, i guess everyone is asleep and the way to the place is dark & tall trees everywhere, only car is your transportation [thanks to Fanny & her hubby, treat us so nice]. One thing before you go. Bring bottles of water and snacks.

this is the full pic i have eventhough it's blur :( 

it's HOT down here!!!!

I can see Ambon is developing and changing. They’re building a huge bridge, street is so damn smooth, try to see what’s on local market. You can find smoked fish, big eggplant [3 times bigger than we have in Bekasi]..amazing!

Eating rujak while watching the sea or in beaches still exist. I heard a lot of new fantastic beaches but I did’t get a chance to see. If you do please explore and go dive in little islands around Ambon like Pulau Seram, Pulau Ora etc.

Gemstones. It's so happening in Indonesia. The famous of Batu Bacan come from this island. My Dad can't missed this one. We're driving around Plaza Ambon. My uncle said there's a lot gemstones seller in here. I just looking around, wondering why people like this so much and willing to pay with higher price. I saw pretty one too. Although I got boring after this, my dad took us around Ambon city. 

Uhhhh i'm sooo bored with this gemstones!! Finally, we're going to tourism spot such as Christina Martatiahahu statue and World Peace Gong in the middle of city.

Now, back to Java.. errr lazyy!! Hahahaaha..i need more time, more space. Who doesn't feel like that when holiday is bout the end?..

Before we departure, Mom buy oleh-oleh to bring to Jakarta. Make sure you buy 'Minyak Kayu Putih' it's amazingly HOT than the famous brand. I like this Ambonese woman in paperbag. She's cute :)

inside Pattimura International Airport, we're waiting for our flight
Garuda Airline food
Dad with his earphone, Mom with her blanket and me with my camera ^_^
See you next time, Saparua, Ambon..

Love you,